Winter II 2020

Monday Coed A (0 openings)
 BCSC  Doug :'(
 FC All Blacks  Safety Third
 Strikers FC  Wasted Talent

Monday Men's 40 (0 openings)
 Boulder Blades  Buttercup FC
 Perros Viejos  Revolcados
 The Blast Force  The Old Duds
 Tysid Rebounders  West Flanders FC

Tuesday Coed A (0 openings)
 A Dead Horse  Bunga
 Cosmonauts  Cosmonauts Reserve
 Forza Doobies  Kruis Kontrol
 Sprained Ankles  The Animal Kingdom

Tuesday Coed B (0 openings)
 Frost  Moonlight Mafia
 Pretty Good Looking  Ron Swanson
 Shootin' Blanks  Wiz Khafifa

Wednesday Men's A (0 openings)
 BFG  Black Pack
 Boulder United  CU Gold
 Guacamole  Real Medina

Wednesday Men's B (0 openings)  Athletic Club
 Beer United  Bench Squad
 Half Penny FC  La Croix Boys
 Las Flamas Blancas  Ronan For Mayor

Thursday Men's B (0 openings)
 Capsule Corps  Foxes
 Intercambio  La Croix Boys
 Pigs on Fire  Red Tail
 Solidfire  West End

Thursday Men's C (0 openings)
 Atletico Chi  BC Nuggets
 Clean Sheets, Shower, Shave  Dead Center
 MOIST  Murphy's FC

Friday Coed B/C (0 openings)
 A Team Has No Name  All United
 Boulder United  Cosmonauts
 Dreamers  Galaxy
 GangGreen  Hippos & Friends
 Meredith and The Tubedaddies  Orville RedenSoccers
 Pitch Please  Rawr FC
 Sevilla FC  Suicide Squad

Men's Over 60 Tournament (0 openings)
 Arash  Geezer Red
 Geezer White  Greenwood Village Kickers
 Hooligans  Jets

Over 60 Championship (0 openings)
 Arash  Group B - 1st

La Liga (3 openings)
 Atletico Medina  Aztecs OG
 Championship  D. Universal
 El Azul  FC Longmont
 Mehis FC  Perros Viejos
 Real Medina  

Sunday Coed Open (3 openings)
 Atletico Liter Cola  Blood, Sweat, and Beers
 Front Range Hangover Club  Real Sociedad
 Red Van Workshop  Too Score To Drunk
 Twisted Pine  

Sunday Women's A (0 openings)
 Cosmonauts Women's  Splash
 Team Buffaloes  Team Chip
 Team Ralphie  Who Farted?

Sunday Women's B (0 openings)
 Bloobies  Chicks With Kicks
 Yo!  Zoom

Sunday Women's Open (0 openings)
 Bloobies  Chicks with Kicks
 Cosmonauts Women  Splash
 Team Buffaloes  Team Chip
 Team Ralphie  Who Farted?
 Yo!  Zoom