Fall 2019

Monday Coed A (0 openings)
 BCSC  Doug :'(
 FC All Blacks  Joe's Team
 Safety Third  Strikers FC
 Team H  Wasted Talent

Monday Men's Over 40 (0 openings)
 Boulder Blades  Liverfull
 Perros Viejos  The Old Duds
 Tysid Rebounders  West Flanders

Tuesday Coed A (0 openings)
 A Dead Horse  Bunga
 Cosmonauts  Cosmonauts Reserve
 Forza Doobies  Kruis Kontrol
 Sprained Ankles  The Animal Kingdom

Tuesday Coed B (0 openings)
 Frost  Moonlight Mafia
 Pretty Good Looking  Ron Swanson
 Stink & Drink  Strikers

Wednesday Men's A/B (1 openings)
 AtlusMade.com  Bench Squad
 BFG  Boulder United
 Diablos  La Croix Boys
 Las Flamas Blancas  Pink Cats
 Ronan For Mayor  Spurs

Thursday Men's B (0 openings)
 Capsule Corps  FC Closers
 Intercambio  Pigs on Fire
 Red Tail  Solidfire
 Voeltz-Wagon  West End

Thursday Men's C (0 openings)
 Atletico Chi  BC Nuggets
 Clean Sheets, Shower, Shave  Dead Center
 MOIST  Titan Vans

Friday Coed B (2 openings)
 Cosmonauts  Jaguars FC
 Orville RedenSoccers  Rawr FC

Friday Coed B/C (2 openings)
 A Team Has No Name  All United
 Cosmonauts  Dreamers
 GangGreen  Hippos & Friends
 Jaguars FC  Orville RedenSoccers
 Pitch Please  Rawr FC
 Revolution  Suicide Squad

Friday Coed C (0 openings)
 A Team Has No Name  All United
 Dreamers  GangGreen
 Hippos & Friends  Revolution
 Suicide Squad  TBA

Sunday Women's B (2 openings)
 Bloobies  Who Farted?
 Yo!  Zoom