Spring 2017

Monday Coed A (0 openings)
 Doug :'(  FC All Blacks
 Rocket Power  Seven
 The Fragile Pats  Wasted Talent

Monday Men's B (0 openings)
 Alfred's Angels  Archer
 Bob Ross's Afro  FC Football Club
 Intercambio  Mafisi FC
 Real Medina  Revolcados

Tuesday Coed A (0 openings)
 A Dead Horse  Bunga Bunga
 Cosmonauts  Forza Doobies
 Hop Freaks United  Jazz Hands
 Sprained Ankles  The Animal Kingdom

Tuesday Coed B (0 openings)
 Bear Cats  FC Constantly
 Head Game Strong  Pretty Good Looking
 Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity  Stink & Drink

Wednesday Men's A (0 openings)
 1st Place  2nd Place
 3rd Place  4th Place
 BBFC  BFG Tahona
 Boulder United  Estudiantes FC

Wednesday Women's A (0 openings)
 Bad Karma Ladies  Blue Ballers
 Chilipeppers  Nanna's Hemorrhoids

Thursday Men's B (0 openings)
 Inglorious Beersterds  Intercambio
 Pigs On Fire  Redtail
 Solidfire  Sun & Boobs & Beer
 Voeltz-Wagon  West End

Thursday Men's C (0 openings)
 BC Nuggets  Dead Center
 Free Agent FC  Green Lightning
 MOIST  Scrappy Coco

Friday Coed B (0 openings)
 Boulder United  Cosmonauts
 Greenpressing  Slothy Seconds
 The Big Green  Vivace FC

Friday Coed C (0 openings)
 All United  Cosmonauts Reserve
 Dreamers  GangGreen
 Hippos and Friends  Los Chapulines
 Los Tiburones  Rapids

Sunday Men's B (2 openings)
 First Presby FC  Gai-Bai-Bo
 Los Amigos  Los Encuera2
 Pink Cats  Pop Sockets
 United  We Dem Boiz

Sunday Women's B (0 openings)
 Amistad  Black Angels
 BYE WEEK  Furia
 Kick Sass  Orange is the New Gray
 Sevilla Girls  Who Farted
 YO!  Zoom