Summer II 2020

Monday Men's Over 40 (0 openings)
 Boulder Blades  Honey Badgers FC
 Rude Fools  Sexy's Shocked Nipples
 Something Good  West Flanders FC

Tuesday Coed A (0 openings)
 Animal Kingdom  Frost
 Jedi Council  Likeafool FC
 Rag Tag  Vasectomizers

Wednesday Men's B (0 openings)
 BIS Boys  Cunning Stunts
 FC West End  Half Penny FC
 La Croix Boys  Red Tail FC

Thursday Men's C (0 openings)
 BC Nuggets  Dead Center
 Mujahideen FC  Murphy FC
 Punishers  Solidfire

Friday Coed C (0 openings)
 Caguameros FC  Gang Green
 Hippos & Friends  Manny and the Jets
 Orville RedenSoccers  Ron Swanson
 Sunday Special  TBA - Coed C

Sunday Coed Open (1 openings)
 A Team Has No Name  Hot Sloths
 Jaguars  Kicking Balls
 Space Force  

Sunday Women's Open (2 openings)
 Bloobies  Just The Tap
 Splash  Yo!